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The Discworld is flat. It is supported on the back of 4 elephants, Berilia, Tubual, Great T'Phon and Jerakeen, which in turn stand on the back of the Great A'Tuin. A'Tuin is a giant Turtle, sex unknown, swimming through space. It is also the only creature in the entire universe that knows exactly where it is going. The Discworld is just your ordinary everyday world on the edge of reality, and the setting for a number of humorous books by Rincewind and the Luggage Terry Pratchett. The plot of the game is simple - help Rincewind, a failed wizard whose only talent is the ability to run away, to rid the city of Ankh-Morpork of a Dragon. Not the little swamp dragons (Draco vulgaris), which in any case tend to explode when ever they get excited, frightened, aroused, surprised or bored, but a big fire breathing one (Draco Nobilis). All you have to help you is the Luggage. Actually this is not so bad since the Luggage is a cross between a travelling trunk and a homicidal maniac.

The game is divided into a number of Acts each of which is separate from the others and must be played in order. The game play is good with none of the problems of working out which mouse pointer to select - there is only one. What happens depends on what the mouse is pointing at and which button you click with. The only time you get a choice is when talking. Then a small box appears with a number of icons representing different things. There is a standard set of icons representing different ways of talking, Greeting, Question, Sarcasm, Anger and Good-bye. Sometimes other Icons will appear in the conversation window. These represent question Rincewind topics which can be asked of the character being talked to. All in all this is simple and easy to use, however I found that I always used all the speech icons since I never knew which was going to be the best. Actually this was not a problem since the humour is so good. It is typical Terry Pratchett. In fact Terry had a great deal of input into the game, although he says that 'most of what I did was to shout at people'. The inventory is also well done. Most objects are carried by The Luggage. The rest are in Rincwind's pocket. The Luggage follows Rincewind around on hundreds of little legs. Clicking on the luggage will show the inventory. This leaves the playing area nicely free from everything.

Rincewind up a flagpole

There is one major problem with the speech on the CD version, the disk version does not have speech. At times the characters stop talking and the speech is replaced by text. This does not prevent you from playing the game but is extremely annoying. Psygnosis have issued a fix for this problem but I have not yet received it. I also think that some of the puzzles are a bit difficult, especially if you have not read the books. The Quantum Weather Butterfly is a good example.

All in all I like this game. It has good, British humour, an easy to use interface and good game play. I tend to play when ever I have half and hour to spare. Unlike most, if not all, other Graphical Adventures, this is one I would play again - but I am a fan of Terry Pratchett. Most people would probably only play this once hence the low score for long term appeal. The low score for the sound is due to problem mentioned above.