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Duke Nukem

These days when you talk to people about Duke Nukem they assume you are talking about Duke Nukem 3D, since that is the only game they have heard about. However Duke Nukem 3D is actually the 4th game in the series. The original 3 were platform games issued by Apogee over 10 years ago. At the time they were considered to be one of the best examples of their type available. These days the graphics do look dated, but the game play is still as good as ever.

Duke Nukem 1

At that time Apogee were known for platform games such as Duke Nukem, Commander Keen, Cosmo and Monster Bash to name but a few. Then came Castle Wolfenstine. Now this was a controversial game since it was the first game that involved running around a maze killing people, in this case German solders. At the time people complained about it, although they did not seem worried about games that involved running around killing aliens. This attitude may explain why their next game, Duke Nukem 3D, involved Duke against nasty aliens who were trying to take over the world.

What made Duke Nukem 3D stand out at that time was the vast improvement in the graphics and the much larger game play area. In Castle Wolfenstine you were limited to inside the castle. In Duke Nukem 3D you had a whole city to run around in. And of course it was still a new type of game. These days we tend to take this type of game for granted, not surprising since most games seem to be like Duke Nukem 3D nowadays.

The other thing that made Duke Nukem 3D stand out was the ability to build your own levels. Actually this was not a new idea, the ability was in the early platform versions of Duke Nukem as well. This meant that when you were tired of Duke Nukem 3D you just built your own levels, or got them from your mates or from magazine cover disks. These days of course you just download them from the Internet.

These days Duke Nukem 3D looks rather dated but it is still worth a play.