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I have been interested in computer games ever since getting my first micro-computer, a Comodore PET, back in the late 70's. The first game I played on the PET was Rogue, a game which I still play to day, all though these days it is on the PC. I then discovered the original Adventure game on an IBM mainframe and was hooked. When I purchased a BBC micro I played a number of games, but the ones I preferred were the ones where you had to think, such as Adventure games, rather than react as in platform games.

My current games machine is a PC running Windows XP and while I still enjoy adventure games I do play others these days. I still prefer games where I have to think rather than react. The problem is my son designs and build levels for various 1st person shooters such as Duke Nukem. This means that I also spend a fair amount of time playing 1st person shooters.

Follow the links below for some of my thoughts on various types of games and the occasional short review.

Strategy Games
A early 4x space empire building strategy game
A 4x Space Empire Building Strategy Game
Adventure Games
A graphical adventure game based on Roger Zelazny's ideas.
A graphical adventure game set in Europe, involving the Knights Templar and a Clown that blows up cafes.
A graphical adventure game based on Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels
The third game based on Terry Pratchett's Diskworld novels
A graphical adventure game based on the film of the same name
An adventure into an alternate world
An adventure in the world of Toons
An adventure based on the Rama novels by Arthur C. Clark
Other Games
A series of games which developed from a platform into a 1st person shooter and back into a platform game.