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Technical Information

I have worked in the computer industry for many years now, but even before that I had a microcomputer. My first micro was a Commodore PET bought back in the 1970's. It was not quite the top of the range but it did come with a whole 8k of ram [yes, 8 kilobytes] but no disk drive, not even a 5.5 inch floppy disk, you used a tape recorder instead. I spent many a happy hour typing in machine code and even more hours debugging it.

My next micro was a BBC model B which was a vast improvement. It had 32 K of ram and a floppy disk drive. It could also do colour! And you didn't need machine code since it came with BBC Basic and assembler. This was a major improvement and I again spent many happy hours writing and debugging programs.

I then acquired a number of different micros each of which I had for a brief period. Eventually I purchased my first IBM PC clone, which has been upgraded many times since.

As part of my job I had to write a number of 'How To...' guides for our users. Later I updated these and posted them to the web for the Re-boot! Column. Some of these are now available here in their original form.

A few of the original columns have been quickly rewritten but remember these are quick rewrites of old articles for a PC Game site and so are all about PC's and games, and in some cases pre-date the wide spread use of Windows.

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