E-Mail Viruses

It is an interesting argument as to weather e-mail can be infected or just carry an infected program.

Some years ago there was no doubt, e-mail was plain text and could not be infected. Unfortunately, somebody decided that e-mail needed pretty pictures and fancy fonts and so added HTML capability to e-mail. This not only increased the size of the e-mail and hence the time to download it, making much more expensive to get, but also allowed for virus to attach themselves to the HTML. I suspect that most people would consider the HTML to be the e-mail message, however I personally think that HTML is a program [at least in this context] and thus the e-mail is carrying it.

To be honest this really does not matter, at the end of the day the e-mail viruses are transmitted via e-mail. End of story.

The only way to prevent e-mail viruses is to not have e-mail. Now I don't know about you but I could not manage without e-mail these days.

What you can do though is turn off HTML messages, both sending and receiving, and NEVER, ever run attachments. These two steps will stop all e-mail viruses.